Auction Season Approaching

Good Day Mid Century Modern Collectors

Well, it’s March now and Spring is in the air and with that comes the outdoor/indoor auctions that we all love.  I will guarantee attendance to bring you the most unusual items from the mid century period.

Just a couple of pointers if you are planning on attending this year.

Make sure to get there early and carefully inspect the items you are interested in.  There are many tricks used to hide flaws in pottery, glass & furniture items.

Check closely for repairs and discoloration in pottery figurines & dish ware as these are the easiest to cover up imperfections.  It is very easy to miss these when you are excited and want to buy, especially that rare mid century retro piece.

I make it a practise to make a list of the items I want to bid on and make a note of your highest bid you are willing to go.  This way you will stay within budget and not miss out on precious finds.

Do your research.  Most auctioneers these days post pictures online & list the auction items.  Know the value of the item you are bidding and make sure you don’t overpay the market value especially if you are reselling your item for profit.

As Spring rolls in I will be posting pictures on Instagram of the auctions I am attending so please check it out.

Happy hunting & of course check our website frequently for updates.






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